WILD KIND is situated in Landegem, near Ghent Belgium, and is the backyard shop of Jelle POKSFLOK. Jelle created this studio in his backyard to work close to his family.


“Out of the numerous tattoo artists we have met, this is probably the first person who built their studio in the backyard of their home. The reason makes sense: to be closer to his wife and daughters. “Time is precious,” Jelle Poksflok firmly comments—not wanting to lose important moments with his children and still having time to do creative projects. He lives life to the fullest, every second of the day: as a professional tattooist, as an art teacher who gives back to his students, as a theater actor, and as an eccentric musician who often wears lucha-libre masks. Much of what he does would not be possible, if he did not have the support of his wife. In this interview, you’ll understand more about Poksflok’s family, how he stays grounded, and above all, how he envisions his tattoos flowing gracefully on his clients’ bodies.”


If you want to come by to discuss your idea, check the availability slots at the CALENDER and claim one by clicking on one of them. If there is no slot possible for you, just mail Jelle at jelle@poksflok.be. The adress will be given when you book your appointment via the link.

Remember. WILD KIND is a private shop. Every appointment will be made at front.
Fresh coffee and cookies will be served.

Work together

I love to work together. If you have any proposal, don’t hesitate to mail me at jelle@poksflok.be.


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